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    Creating a Brand Survey

    A brand survey is a great way to measure how well a company’s image is being communicated to potential and existing customers.  There are several tools that facilitate conducting brand awareness research.  With these tools, companies can craft brand survey questions designed to focus in on what’s connecting with the marketplace and what is not.

    Brand Awareness Research Tools
    Two vital components of a brand awareness research survey include a marketing database that warehouses information and a questionnaire (either developed internally or downloaded online) that is specific to the brand.

    Business development specialists can help small businesses identity the tools needed to conduct a brand survey.  Small businesses without in house business intelligence or marketing departments may consider hiring third party specialists who can provide these tools and tailor surveys to a company’s specific needs.

    Brand Awareness Research Questions
    The questions within a brand survey should be targeted.  This means designing them in a way that captures all of the information that is required.  The questionnaire should be flexible (i.e. sub-question filters that follow branch answers, offering respondents the ability to skip questions, the ability to provide additional information where applicable, tailored questions based on how the respondent came upon the survey, etc.).

    There are options when choosing how to format the survey.  It could be branded so that the respondent knows who is asking the questions.  It can also be blind (i.e. no mention is made of who is conducting the survey and there is no company identifying information on the survey).  Surveys can be extensive or brief.  They may be conducted online, in person, or over the phone.

    Questions should be tailored to receive focused answers.  An indistinct question such as, “Do you like this brand?” may be too broad to receive any type of actionable information.  A more appropriate question would ask existing customers to classify how much a certain brand influenced their decision to buy on a scale of 1 to 5; 1 representing the brand played no influence and 5 meaning the brand played a significant role in the purchase.

    Brand awareness research surveys can really help businesses understand how their image is perceived, the impact that it is making on the market, and what ways the brand can be improved to better connect with consumers.